"Will Griffin is one of the most dynamic players I have had the pleasure to coach in my time at Greensboro College. At just 5'6, Will was able to dominate our league with a combination of speed, athleticism, and above all, a skill set that was truly unique and effective. I saw him working tirelessly on these skills in our gym and he was able to translate them to productivity on the court in real games.  Beyond his skills as a player, Will's energetic and charismatic personality made his a great teammate and great player to coach."



When working out with my man Will Griffin I know im going to be challenged mentally as well as physically, each workout is always different, and challenging in a way that not only helps me get better skill wise but also with the mental aspects of the game! 




I knew Will Griffin for 3 years now and I must admit he is the real deal out there in Greensboro even though I only train with him for a summer and Rock Out Sports Development is moving in the right direction. It was definitely worth the driving back & fourth to Greensboro from Releigh NC. Like Will is really a gym rat, and studies the game and that part shows in his game. I encourage others to take advantage of what he has to offer. 




Rock Out Sports training, is one of the few unique training business in the triad area, what separates Rock Out from other companies is that th owner really lives it. Really a guy that gets up and grinds and is familiar with work ethics for sure. big difference in it being a job...versus a LIFESTYLE."




Rock Out Sports training is for sure one of the best workout programs in the Greensboro area. The trainer is well driven and is willing to push you to be the best athlete you could possibly be. The owner is involved and inserts himself into every workout. There's no way Rock Out Sports training won't make you a better player!



I am a living witness that Rock Out Sports training will be one of the best training companies around the triad area. Eachand everytime I train with Rock Out Sports I am pushed to my full potential. Ive Known Will Griffin for several years now and he is one of the hardest working individuals I Know. I highly recommend that everyone take advantage and sign up to get better with Rock Out Sports Traing 



Jacksonville Jackal Alumni

Rock Out Sports Training motivated me to be better everyday. Will Griffin pushes me to levels beyond what I though I couldn't reach. Rock Out Sports Definitely the way to go!



Rock Out Sports Training is the definition of "Grind Time." If there is anyone that I know who Lives, Eat, and Sleep for this for this its the owner (Will Griffin). I myself can say the training experience is unlike any other.

Dirk Miller

When I met brother Will Griffin it was by default. My younger son Amare (left) was spending time in the Greensboro area from New York for the summer in 2016 and he was introduced mutually through our cousin Nelson Bradley and Will wanted to see if he can play and he was very impressed because of his age, his height and his profound talent so instantly Will took him under his wing as a trainer/mentor, worked out with Amare and coached him for the rest of the summer. Because of the chemistry that was built between them (Amare & Will) I wanted my oldest son Tyrin (right) to meet with Will and work out with him as well so I sent sent Tyrin to Greensboro for a week to prepare him for his freshman year at college and since coming home from that one visit, my boys managed to conquer to two conference titles both for Amare in high school (freshman) as an 8th Grader and my son Tyrin for winning a conference title, a NCAA bid for Div.3 and a Player of the Week Honor as a freshman & I owe it all to Mr. Griffin. Thank you for being a blessing to my boys and to my family.


Coach Griffin is an excellent trainer and mentor. He has the ability to identify my son’s greatest needs and has been working on those. My son Jorden has improved his drilling and ball handling skills under Coach Griffin using the ball hog handling gloves.  He demonstrates talent, patience, and a real gift for working with the kids! Coach Griffin makes his players work hard but it is with a valuable purpose. I am very impressed with Coach Griffin, and highly recommend him to any parent/player looking to learn the sport and develop strong basketball playing skills.   Thanks Coach Griffin for building my son game both on and off the court! 



It is without hesitation that I can say that Will Griffin is the best sports development trainer that my son and I have ever work with. He will be a legend, if not already. Fundamentals and skills training are the best in Greensboro and surrounding areas have. Not only is he talented, effective, hardworking, he is very humble. My son and I are very bless to have him as a coach, trainer, mentor  and friend. We are very excited to learn and grow with him for years to come. If you and/or your child want to improve and excell, I highly recommend Coach Philly, Rock Out Sports.   



Thanks to Rock Out Sports my daughter Molly has been showing up these girls even 8th graders, she is in 7th in her basketball class since she has been working with you.



I must say sir that I really love your IG post and page. The fundementals that you have shown on your post are amazing. My kings have always been about fundementals before winning (gotta work hard to get where you want to be) I will incorporate your fundemental technigues into my training for my team. I am very grateful for stumlinbupon your page. Great motivation.