There are many children who would love to be involved with Rock out sports development basketball training programs, but their families just don't have the money to do so. Rock Out Sports Development would like to provide training opportunities for all determined and focused children who are interested in pursuing a goal weather its playing basketball for a middle school, High School, College or University and possibly professionally.  


Rock Out Sports started by paying for little kids too join sporting events, giving advice, workout ideas, helping other with free instructional sessions, help purchasing sneakers, can food and clothes drive for feeding and clothing the homeless, and. With this, many lives have been changed for the better, but I can't do this alone. With your donations, we will be able to provide training to people, and I will also be able to keep training equipment such as cones, speed latter for footwork & quickness, basketballs, transportation expenses, etc. 

All sponsors will receive pictures, their website link or name placed on our sponsors page, updates and video feeds of the children or adult training. So please show your support these kids deserve it.

Hello family & friends , we will like to take a moment to recognize two great people who impact our community in the best way they know how . Thanks to Dr. Dekarlos and Dr. Tasha Dial for their tournament sponsorship of Rock Out Sports 2nd grade AAU Team . We are blessed for your contribution to our program . 


Interested in donating or being a potential sponsor and i have Questions‭? ‬Feel free to reach out  

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